Thursday, March 17, 2011


"she's not sick.. mentally though, she is"
that's how real "real friends" talk to you
or at least it was just for me.. lol..

i know my sanity has left me,
or it was just as i thought

for i have had none


now, i don't care again
i don't care if people fuck with my life
'cause i'll understand they just can't get their own LIFE to fuck with

i won't care whatever shit they say
'cause i believe in EA
misery loves company
and company loves more
more loves everybody else
but hell is others

as of now, i'm still hoping
for better things
not yet the "best things" though..

i will am very thankful to the omni-being for everything
i will be very very very thankful if i won't flunk PROG4
so help us GOD

hoping this light won't leave me :">

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