Sunday, February 13, 2011


i thought life was fair
then once again it proved it isn't
i had the thought that i was strong enough
but everything got fucked up again
when i collapsed in pieces
and struggled to pick myself up once again

though i have made it

i'm still afraid
but i hope fear won't swallow me whole

i know you're just there 'cause you're omni and everywhere
i would like to thank you for giving me your beautiful people
and i hope you wouldn't take them away from me
before you take me away from them
all i hope is peace of mind, and i would be very thankful
if you'll grant me of such. amen.

i hope your light wouldn't leave
and i wish you won't get tired of making me see
i thank you for everything
just please please don't leave me in a dark cell
without a trace of life

i know it had been sweet
but ended up bitter sweet
i hope you get a life as soon as possible
and i hope i'll get mine too
you know, your words never fail to suck all the life out me
i just dunno what's with me or what's with you
i just hope we get our lives
your life
my life
not one life
i mean
separate lives

life has been a bitch to you
don't wait for your moment to die
just live and make your life
feel the wind and 
be strong
don't tear yourself apart

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