Friday, August 27, 2010

vandalisms on pathetic chairs..

i dunno what got into me.. but i wrote this blog's url on an armrest of a chair..
then i added phrases like

"Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls"
"spread the plague"
"paki basa ito" - in Filipino baybayin

i'm not fond of sharing my personal blog to people who knows me..
i just don't feel like sharing this space with them.. but maybe..
i still want some random person to talk to..
just a short good chat will do..

i don't really like emotional conversations..
and all that crap.. i just couldn't stand it..

now, i'm in another dilemma of my life..
i hate this "relationship problem thing"..
it's driving me crazy..
i hope.. i regain myself again..
even if it means losing my significant other?
i just dunno..

i just need to talk to myself..
that's it..
so long.. goodnight?

is cool.. too bad i don't own any gaming platform..

1 comment:

  1. Hi, isn't this really, really weird? I read your blog URL in an armchair I sat on today. It was something I recalled just now, and out of boredom, I decided to check if it was hoax. Well, whaddya know? It does exist. :)

    I have a lot of blogs too, but blogspot isn't really the place for me. You can go to this page if you wanna contact me though:
    The links are kinda outdated, but hey, if I create a new one, I'll let you know, okay? :P

    Search for my name on facebook too!