Friday, August 27, 2010

vandalisms on pathetic chairs..

i dunno what got into me.. but i wrote this blog's url on an armrest of a chair..
then i added phrases like

"Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls"
"spread the plague"
"paki basa ito" - in Filipino baybayin

i'm not fond of sharing my personal blog to people who knows me..
i just don't feel like sharing this space with them.. but maybe..
i still want some random person to talk to..
just a short good chat will do..

i don't really like emotional conversations..
and all that crap.. i just couldn't stand it..

now, i'm in another dilemma of my life..
i hate this "relationship problem thing"..
it's driving me crazy..
i hope.. i regain myself again..
even if it means losing my significant other?
i just dunno..

i just need to talk to myself..
that's it..
so long.. goodnight?

is cool.. too bad i don't own any gaming platform..

Saturday, August 14, 2010


lately.. my life had been fucked up..
and everything was out of control..
now, my relationship with my significant other..
has been working out.. pretty well..
and i thank the omni-being for that :D

but sadly.. i lost another friend..
yet again.. things start to complicate again..
and it's hard.. indeed..


i know.. it might seem over..
but we can't live away from
the perplexities of this effin
stuff.. we call LIFE..

 i just dunno what the hell
was going on..

but i hope..
i'll get hold of
what goes around..