Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I've just enrolled on SBYA 101 (Stop Bullshitting Yourself Al) classes through self study - and it was FUN. LOL. I've just learned the following lessons:

Pain is not of love - If it's just a relationship of hatred and terror, one must put an end to it - not unless you're in some S&M practice. LOL. I've just realized, I'm not a sadomasochist after all.
Not all remembering is useful - People should chose what to remember and what to forget. If your fork is already like a rake, would you still use it? Maybe not for eating but for combing your hair instead.
Regain self respect - Once you've lost your self respect, you can always try to find it again - not in other people but just from within you. 

Then lastly, if you want your bitch to be out of your sight - a snap of your fingers will do. Just like "poof!" she will magically disappear in your life. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010





But this is what haiku is.. I mean, just The haiku of my life..

I've been so disturbed that I even forgot myself -due to my biatch boyfriend constantly bugging me. I thought declaring a "break up" would put an end to everything. But DAMN! I can't leave him. I know my words had been harsh enough like spears piercing through his flesh and fire burning in his ears. He said he's getting tired of me and I was thinking why the hell he wouldn't just leave me? I'm sick of myself giving unto things he wanted. I'm sick of myself not being me by just the sake of having the "me" he wants. I'm sick of him talking so much that I couldn't even say a word. I'm sick of pretending to be stone. I'm sick of pretending to be the wall of his hateration. I'm sick of my life. I'm sick of being the temporary person on the world. FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

Now, what did i get?
Not just an asshole boyfriend.
I've also got a notebook.
It has blank pages.
I need to write.
I have no pen.
But there's a knife.
Yes, a knife.
My knife is sharp.
Sharp enough for my wrists.
And for his heart.
Where's his heart?
I dunno.
But I know one thing.
I know I have a brain.
Just like a sponge.
And now the sponge is dry.
It rained.
Then my brain got wet.
It's night.
I can't see the sun.
Or my eyes are just gone?